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It’s the little things that make all the difference to both you and those around you. Try practicing our little acts of kindness daily and see your mood lift! 
We’re a nation of busy people. Juggling our day jobs with various other responsibilities, bringing up the increasingly relevant issue of work: life balance. Technology continues to become further integrated in our lives and minds with screens being on the receiving end of our loving gaze more than actual people. Staying close with family, spending time with friends, catching up with colleagues and looking out for the neighbours. It can be easy to go through the motions, get stuck in routine and forget about the small stuff. Yet sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference to both you and those around you. Try practicing our little acts of kindness daily and see your mood lift! 
Positive Feedback 
It’s in our nature to complain; we want to be heard when we are unhappy with something and expect a resolution or change off the back of it. But what if we took this mentality and turned it on its head? That is, when you are happy with something – shout about it! If someone really impressed you, or you recognise their hard work, let them know. When was the last time you shared a positive review? We’re quick to judge, so should be able to tell when a situation is both negative AND positive. Drop a colleague a note to say they did well in your team presentation, sing the praises of your friend’s new business venture. You’ll be surprised how much this positivity can breed further positivity and you may soon find yourself on the receiving end of some much-deserved appreciation. 
It’s easy to take things at face value – your brother hasn’t called you for weeks to see how you are; he is too wrapped up in his work to think about you and your family. Whilst this could be the case, practicing a little more understanding can go a long way. What pressures does he face at work? How is his personal life? Could he be suffering from anxiety or quietly buckling under the strain of financial issues? Even if none of this is true and he has just become caught up in everyday life and has let catching up with his sister slip. We’re human, we make mistakes (more extreme than this example too!). Exercise empathy and learn when to forgive and forget. Guaranteed, we all would welcome a more compassion towards ourselves when we need it most. 
Check In Regularly 
We’ve already mentioned multiple times the very real risk of being swept up in daily chores, roles, and obligations that we often end up placing less emphasis on those people and things that matter. Friends, family – they’ll forgive us, anyway right? (see above) It’s important to remember our mortality and that people unfortunately won’t be around forever. Check in with them regularly, let them know you’re there. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy phone call every day, just a quick text message or catch a chat whilst you’re making your way to the office. It can seem like just another thing to do on the list but weaved into your everyday life (set reminders on your phone, make a regular call to your Mum) it really isn’t that big-a-task. Just do it, it often doesn’t take as long as you think. Both you and those you have relationships with will feel stronger and more supported as a result. 
A Little Act Of Kindness 
All the points on our list are little acts of kindness, but this one is classically so. Let people know you care for them, that they are loved, and you are thankful for them and your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a big thing (although I’m sure points could be won with a surprise holiday!) but keeping this true to its name with a small token of appreciation could really make someone’s day. Grab your colleague a coffee, leave a post it note for your partner, send your friend a card – just think how you would feel to be on the receiving end of such a caring and selfless act! 
Think Of Others 
A bit like a crash diet won’t produce results, a change of mindset and lifestyle is needed to be a truly kind individual! Put the wellbeing and feelings of others at the forefront of your thoughts. How can you make their day a little easier? For example if someone asks you for a file at work, don’t just say where it is, get it for them - it will probably take less time for you to do it and you have ticked off a task on someone else’s to do list. Reciprocity – treat others as you want to be treated – is a golden rule for a reason. Just imagine if we all followed this habit! 
Look to celebrate human relationships by expressing compassion, practicing empathy, and looking out for on another. Our little acts of kindness make for a switch in mentality which will see you reaping the results; really making a difference to the relationships around us. 
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