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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Engaging with a counsellor for the first time can be a daunting experience. Below are a number of questions that we are regularly asked. If your question isn’t listed below or if you would like more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us

What services do Relate Nottinghamshire provide? 

Relate Nottinghamshire is a registered charity with qualified and experienced staff who are trained to provide individuals and couples with counselling, support and information in all aspects of their relationships. We can help you with: 
Family Life & Parenting 
Sex Therapy & Sex Addiction 
Relationship Problems for Children & Young People 
Individual Counselling 

What is the difference between Sex Therapy and Sex Addiction? 

Sex therapy helps people to overcome problems within their sex lives such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, vaginismus and lack of desire. 
Sex addiction is best described as any sexual activity that feels “out of control”. This could be sex with a partner, but it can also include activities such as pornography, masturbation, visiting sex workers or using chat lines and social media apps. 

Is there any way of trialling the service before committing to regular sessions? 

We offer a limited number of free 30-minute sessions each week for people who are unsure of whether counselling is for them. During these sessions, our trained counsellors will call you at an agreed time to explore your current situation and the resources available to you for immediate help. Sometimes, the counsellor may recommend reading materials or signpost you to further guidance and relationship advice. They'll also give you information on how to register with us if you wish to have further counselling sessions, but with no requirement or obligation to do so. Your comfort and providing you with help and support is our main priority. 

I’ve decided to take this up, what can I expect during my initial assessment session? 

During your initial assessment you will speak with one of our experienced counsellors who will help you decide if ongoing counselling will be beneficial for you. Initial assessments are normally up to an hour in length. The counsellor will discuss with you the issues that you are facing and the reasons why you have decided to seek counselling. These questions may seem personal, but are designed so that you can be directed towards to the most appropriate service for your needs. 

Can I access your services by myself? 

Absolutely. Relate Nottinghamshire offer many more services than just “couples counselling”. Whether you need help navigating your family life or are having issues with the relationship with yourself, we have assisted people with all the types of relationships they have. Even if your relationship concerns regard a partner but they are unwilling or unable to attend, you are welcome to our services. 

Where is Relate Nottinghamshire? 

Relate Nottinghamshire are based in our offices at 96 Mansfield Road, Nottingham. If you are driving, there is metered car parking on the streets surrounding our office and The Victoria Centre Car Park is a 5 minute walk away. We have a bike shelter if you wish to cycle in. 

How do I book? 

The easiest way to get into our services is by giving us a call on 0115 958 4278, but if you want to get in contact with us initially via email for more information, you can do so at Counselling sessions are available at the following times: 
09:00–21:00 Mon–Thurs 
09:00–15:00 Fri 
09:00–13:00 Sat 
Our administrative team are available at the following times: 
09:00–17:00 Mon–Fri 

Can I have a session in a non-English language? 

We endeavour to work with clients, regardless of their preferred language. If a session is required in a non-English language, we may be able to still provide sessions through an interpreter. Please contact us to let us know if additional language support is required. 

How much is each session? 

In order to ensure that our sessions are affordable, our fee structure is based on a sliding-scale dependent on household income. This pricing structure can be found here. We can discuss the fee with you on registration. There is also a £15 one-off registration fee. 
It is worth checking to see if you have an employee assistance programme at your work as they may assist with the cost of counselling. 

Is what I say during my sessions confidential? 

Confidentiality is a cornerstone in building a trusting relationship with your counsellor. Everything that is discussed during your sessions will be kept confidential in accordance with our Relate Nottingham’s confidentiality policies. 
Your counsellor is legally required however to disclose information in specific circumstances if they believe that you or someone else is at a serious risk of harm. If you have any queries about the confidentiality of your sessions, please feel free to contact us
If you have any further questions or queries that haven’t been answered, feel free to contact us
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