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Our counsellor Hayley, speaks about her experience on the phone lines whilst offering our free 30 minute counselling sessions over the last 6 months.  
We can all agree that the last year has been challenging, difficult, and altogether very different. People have found themselves seeking help or needing someone to talk to perhaps more than usual. Here at Relate, due to generous funding we have been able to offer free 30 minute counselling sessions for anyone looking for support. As a response to the Coronavirus pandemic and it's affect on the people of Nottinghamshire, their mental well being and of course relationships. An initial consultation with one of our counsellors has proved incredibly valuable for those looking for a one time 'off load' or equally those deciding if longer term counselling is for them. 
One of our counsellors, Hayley, started on our phone lines in June. She has provided, in her own words, a summary of her experience, the types of issues people are facing and common themes across individual situations. 
The one prevailing issue is that whatever is going on in people’s lives/home, the pandemic has only exacerbated the situation they are in. 
I have had calls from people of all ages- 20s- 70s, who have been struggling with relationship issues, job losses, grief, extreme health anxiety, illness, and depression. 
Initially, the calls were predominantly about relationships- people who were going through a breakup or having problems in their relationships, only to be “stuck” together after the first lockdown. Many people used the phone line to offload and gain insight as to where they should go from there. Many people were dialing in from their cars to gain the privacy they needed. 
However, more recently, the calls have become more varied as the government restrictions are affecting other areas of their lives. I have spoken to various parents who are struggling to home school their children, as well as work from home. People are feeling listless and depressed- especially if they have lost their jobs or been furloughed. I have also received calls from people who are feeling house-bound due to health anxiety- too afraid to leave their house in case of catching the virus. 
I have had more calls in the last 3 months which have resulted in clients seeking counselling from Relate- couples and individuals. There seems to have been a shift from “I need a 30-min session to offload” and “I need long- term help”. I would hazard a guess that there are an equal number of couples and individuals seeking longer-term counselling currently. Mostly concerning their relationships and family dynamics and how to navigate their way through with the current situation. 
If you're seeking help, or need someone to talk to - as an individual or couple - our 30 minute sessions may help you. Give our team a call on 0115 958 4278 to discuss.  
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