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Relate Nottinghamshire finished running its sixth 14-week Recovery Group in October and is planning on starting another group in early 2020. It supports men who are struggling with sexual and pornography addiction. One of the biggest benefits of this group is that it helps deal with the shame that many people feel in association with this difficulty. 
Sexual addiction is a term used to describe any sexual activity that feels “out of control”. These activities include viewing pornography, masturbation, visiting prostitutes, plus many more. 
These behaviours are usually ongoing and escalating, despite negative consequences for the people acting out as well as those around them. It can be difficult to find help, but this group course is a practical way for men to find strategies to stop their unwanted behaviour and understand some of the issues that underlie it. Peter Saddington, the group facilitator, says: “Most people feel terrified about joining a group like this, but evidence proves that group treatment is very effective for treating addictions and 100% of the men attending found it helpful”. 
Carl (names and details have been changed to maintain confidentiality), a 55 year-old business man, who has been trying to rebuild his relationship with his wife following her discovery of his addiction, wrote after the group “The course has helped me get my marriage on the mend”. Another group member, Phil, a 35 year-old teacher wrote “The benefit of working as a group very quickly becomes apparent – everyone adds value and every week feels like it significantly enhances my self-control and understanding”. 
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